Discover all our completed or ongoing projects below!

Name of lessor Period Name of the project
EUROMED 08/17/2011 TO 10/31/2012 Sensitization of women in the region
CAWTAR 01/01/2012 TO 12/31/2012 Capacity building of women leaders
FDHM 06/08/2012 TO 12/31/2020 Institutional support
UNDEF 02/01/2013 TO 01/31/2014 Electoral education of women and young people in the regions of Tunisia
OXFAM 02/01/2013 TO 12/31/2013 Capacity building of women leaders
KVINFO 03/01/2013 TO 12/31/2013 Let's be candidates
UNWOMEN 06/01/2014 TO 01/31/2016 For the effective participation of women in elections
DANNER 08/26/2014 TO 12/31/2014 Institutional support
HBS 05/15/2014 TO 08/31/2014 Monitoring elections from a gender perspective
OXFAM NOVIB 01/01/2014 TO 01/31/2016 Amal program for transformative leadership of women in Tunisia
KVINFO 01/01/2014 TO 12/31/2014 Woman leader of tomorrow
OSF 01/01/2015 TO 12/31/2015 Empowering women's participation in municipal elections
HBS 01/01/2015 TO 12/31/2017 WE ARE CANDIDATES: CAPACITY BUILDING of potential candidates in local elections
OXFAM GERMANY 01/01/2016 TO 10/30/2019 Capacity building of women for social and political change in southern Tunisia
OXFAM NOVIB 09/01/2017 TO 12/31/2017 Planning of local development programs according to the gender approach and the participatory approach between osc and the municipality of Ghardimaou
KVINFO 01/01/2017 TO 12/31/2021 Women actors of change and legislative reforms
HBS 01/01/2018 TO 12/31/2018 Disclose the concept of political violence against women "study: integration of the concept of political violence into national and international texts"
EU 01/20/2018 TO 01/20/2021 For an inclusive and participatory democracy in Tunisia
FORUM OF FEDERATIONS 01/01/2018 TO 12/31/2020 Empowering women candidates for leadership roles in Tunisia
HBS 01/01/2019 TO 12/31/2019 Monitoring of the integration of the notion of political violence in international texts and socio-economic rights of women and young people
HBS 03/01/2019 TO 05/31/2019 A mock court dealing with the crime of political gender-based violence,
KVINNA 01/01/2019 TO 12/31/2019 Political participation "towards Equal opportunities"