Who are we ?

Who are we ?

The Tunisian League of Women Voters (LET) is an association founded in 2011, after the revolution of January 14th. This association started by a meeting of a group of women, different in their fields of occupations, but united in their awareness of the importance of women's role in supporting the electoral practice.

The LET members also believe in the importance of political participation of young women and men to achieve the dream of democracy in Tunisia.

The LET is the first Tunisian Association to be accredited by the High Independent Election Committee (ISIE) as an official observer of the elections of the Constituent Assembly. Likewise, it is a member in the National Elections Observatory since 1 August 2011, and in the collective group “Tunisians for Tunisian Women's Rights, equality and citizenship.”

Our vision

To live in a democratic society that guarantees equality in performing the right of being a voter or a candidate.

Our mission

Improve women's ability towards an effective participation in public affairs, especially in politics, as voters and candidates.

Furthermore, The LET wants to help women in their contribution to the achievement of an electoral practice based on the principles and standards of human rights and social gender

Our goals
  • Strengthen the participation of women in the electoral process as an observer, a voter and a candidate
  • Empowering women to be active in their community locally, nationally and internationally
  • Training young trainers in the field of raising the awareness about the electoral practice
  • Strengthen joint actions between different actors interested in the participation of women as voters or candidates in the elections
Our values

We believe in:

  • Total equality between women and men
  • Parity between women and men in all areas
  • Citizenship for all Tunisians without any discrimination
  • Participatory democracy which includes the citizen in decision-making at all levels
  • Right to vote and Right to be a candidate which are the only democratic means to be represented as a citizen and to exercise power
  • We believe that the right to vote should be guaranteed by an independent body for the elections
Our fields of action
Target populations Intervention areas Themes
Women and youth All the Tunisian territory Observation of elections
Civil society actors   Vote
Political actors   Political commitment
Candidates for elections   Capacity building of women and young people (leadership, citizenship, volunteering, ...)
Youth and women leaders   Education on human rights and the gender approach (against all forms of discrimination against women)
    Civic and electoral education